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Mastering the art of analytics

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By Graham / December 04, 2019

Although the origins of analytics are founded in mathematics and statistics, mastering analytics is an art. The modern publishing world is experiencing a data revolution as organisations begin to better understand and harness the power of analytics.

Better understand your clients through analytics

What do analytics offer?

In a mobile-connected world, data is now more available than ever before. PWC’s white paper ‘Unleashing the Power of Data Analytics‘ discusses how 89% of US businesses are investing in data and analytics to better understand their audiences and connect with them more effectively.

The PWC paper describes Salesforce Analytics Cloud, and how the software brings deep industry insights and benchmarks.

“85% of CEOs say that digital technologies related to data and data analytics are creating high value for their organizations” PWC

The paper continues to describe the challenge that many organisations face in “coping with the data influx” and leveraging the information provided.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud is one of many tools available. There are other free analytic tools, such as Google Analytics, that collect digital information and offer incredible insights into your audience demographics and behaviour, and how they engage with your brand.

Data gathered from analytics communicates valuable information such as user activity, user retention rates, activity within an app or on the website, and user demographics.

Combination of analytics and Page Lizard app

Page Lizard’s bespoke apps are a highly effective way of communicating with your target audience. Previous connections can become far more effective when information gathered by analytics is put into action.

Distributing content via an app gives publishers the golden opportunity to use analytic tools and gather insight on audience behaviour. This information further equips publishers to better understand what causes audiences to stay engaged, and what works in terms of content and communication.

Page Lizard offers a variety of packages that offer the benefits of analytics to best suit your needs. Feel free to contact us – we would love to meet with you and discuss how we can work out a plan to boost your organisation’s engagement and content via analytics.

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