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Technology makes CPD more accessible and enjoyable

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By Graham / December 11, 2019

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is on a bit of a roll. More professional bodies are offering CPD courses for members and achieving CPD targets is increasingly becoming mandatory for participants.

Some regulatory bodies are also increasing the frequency on which they collect CPD submissions encouraged by the belief, it seems, that submissions can be more easily sent, and verified, digitally.

But what is the truth? 

Is technology making CPD more accessible to members and making it easier to verify without drowning the regulators in masses of paperwork?

And, with the introduction of apps, ‘gamification’ and peer-to-peer networking, is the process of recording and completing your CPD becoming more enjoyable?

These are the two topics which we discussed at workshop for professional and membership bodies a lunchtime workshop in Fleet Street, London, on Monday October 29 from 12.30-14.30.

The event 

The workshop was for anyone involved in creating or managing CPD within a membership organisation or professional body. 

It was a behind closed doors get-together for the memberhip sector to share experiences and discuss trends. Two speakers from the industry who have released a technically innovative CPD product which has had a positive effect on their members presented their findings.

At this event Page Lizard was merely a facilitator. Our expertise is delivering digital content and a number of our membership clients have asked us to manage CPD content and activities through apps. We therefore need to learn more about CPD and how you see the current trends developing.

I am grateful for the guidance of some leaders in professional development at flagship membership bodies in helping put this event together.

Questions discussed were:

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