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By Marion / April 02, 2021

Do you want to set up a community platform for a good cause?

A lot of people are struggling with isolation and looking for ways to connect to their community.

To help in the current crisis we’re giving free access to our developed content platform called Reptile (used by membership organisations and global businesses to publish information to their audiences) to genuine users who want to set up a community platform for a good cause. Or, alternatively, if you want to use your time and skills to create a content site for any commercial organisation, we’ll be providing you with a discounted paid-for licence.

Maybe you have a friend who runs a business and needs a content site? You might even be able to make some money in your spare time?

Reptile is built around content and best used by organisations that want to post daily news and updates to a number of people, especially

Why should I use a community-owned platform and not any other social platform like Facebook or Twitter?

The biggest advantage is that a community-owned platform gives you tighter controls over your messaging without the ‘noise’ of other people on the same platform. A dress store on Facebook, for example, might have a built-in audience to engage, but they have to compete with all the other dress stores on Facebook, all addressing the same people.

A community platform also allows you to go beyond the limitations of social networks. More focussed access to your community and custom design allows you to create a better experience for everyone.

How to launch a community platform?

Step by stepThe first thing you would need to do is register for Reptile and create a free account. Tell us what you want to achieve to help us prioritise your account. We process each request manually so we can focus on the best cases.

Once your account is activated – same or next day – we have some tutorials to help you get going. But because we want to improve the process for new users, we will also be on hand to help you get set-up.

You should be able to set-up a custom micro-site in half a day. That is a lot quicker than building a new website!

Do I need to be technical?

A little bit of familiarity with modern web technology will definitely help. Once Reptile is set-up anybody can write or upload new content and for that you need no special skills.

What about the hosting?

We do all of that, you don’t need to worry.

Creating a site with Reptile

We have one simple rule for a free account (that includes set-up, training, hosting and assistance) – you don’t need to pay anything to create your site and hook-up your content.:

Costs should always be reviewed

If you are building it for someone who has a commercial interest, we will charge a licence fee (ranging from £25 /€$ 30 to £250 /€$300 per month). We will only apply the charges once you have agreed with your friend/customer. This fee will be defined by the size and turnover of the organisation (at our discretion) and will be paid directly to us by the customer and you can/will charge them for your time.

BONUS: you will receive a 25% discount on your first commercial licence and Reptile Ambassadors, who build multiple sites, can receive up to 40% discount and get fast-track support from us.

These things you’ll need to think about first

Once those are done the rest is just adding and updating content.

So what exactly does Reptile do?

Reptile is built to deliver content in a way that makes it easy for readers to absorb it. How you see that being used depends on your background:

Want to know more? Take a look at some of our demo sites

then apply for your Reptile account and we will take it from there.


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