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How does your audience want to interact with you?

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By Graham / October 31, 2019

We live in an age when mobile devices, wireless connectivity, and alternate media platforms dominate the media landscape.

Digital media consumers are increasingly in the driver’s seat - totally in control with unparalleled freedom to choose whatever they want. Members expectations are at an all-time high of what a digital experience should be, which has implications on how organisations must engage and present their content.

Deloitte recently published its 12th edition of Digital media trends survey, "A new world of choice for digital consumers", which reviews the generational habits of US consumers. It is a survey that aims to uncover the attitudes and behaviours around devices, advertising, media consumption, social media, and the Internet.

Deloitte recently published its 12th edition of Digital media trends survey

If you want to read more about the latest stats, CellPhoneDeal published an interesting blog about 'Phones By The Numbers: 22 Surprising Smartphone Statistics'.

Before you read it, try to guess how many worldwide smartphone users there are now (2021) according to their research. Did you guess it right? 

'A new world of choice for digital consumers'

Customers of today are demanding the ability to view content whenever, wherever, and in the format that best suits their needs at any given moment. And, more than ever before, they are willing to move to those who would satisfy these requirements.

The digital media survey provided four key digital insights.

- The growth of streaming video subscriptions which is prompted by the consumers desire to consume original content, with the flexibility to view in their own time, wherever and whenever they want.

- A widening value gap between what consumers expect and what pay-TV providers deliver. With video streaming enabling unprecedented freedom of choice, consumers are reassessing the value of their current pay-TV (cable and satellite) subscriptions.

- The emergence of a new consumer audience. This is particularly relevant with regards to digital publishing. It was revealed that it is not only the younger generations that are driving the digital trends - but rather a combination of the mobile consumption behaviours of Generation X (ages 35–51), Generation Z (ages 14–20) and millennials (ages 21–34). These groups combined were given the nickname the “MilleXZials.”

- Personal data, a concern and an opportunity. With online media consumption consumers are increasingly protective of their personal data. This creates an opportunity for providers to give customers more control over their personal data.


"Gen X now blends digital savviness with relatively high (and rising) levels of disposable income—a dream scenario for providers of media and entertainment solutions."Deloitte

A decline in pay-TV subscriptions among MilleXZials coincides with their increased video consumption on mobile platforms. The survey indicated that more than ever before, MilleXZials value mobile data subscriptions and use it extensively to consume long-form content over their mobile phone.

This new category of consumers is based on the group's engagement with new-age media and entertainment companies. By including Generation X, who are expected to contribute to the majority of the increase in national wealth, digital companies are presented with a financial opportunity to include the 'digitally savvy' of Generation X.

Member engagement

The Royal Aeronautical Society in recent years has had a large increase in its young membership, particularly students and apprentices. Whilst The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) is proud of all it has to offer young members, they still found it challenging to generate the engagement and involvement of young members’ they hoped for.

The solution?

For Page Lizard to create an app dedicated to students and young members, with bespoke functions and kept up to date with new content on a weekly basis, ensuring it is relevant, useful and engaging.

Page Lizard to create an app dedicated to students and young members

Watch our showcase video here.

The app, which is dedicated to students and younger members, has bespoke functions that encourage improved engagement through relevant and useful content.

Personal data

Recent security breaches and the desire for consumers to govern their personal data has resulted in a general lack of confidence in sharing personal data. This has a direct impact on the likes of targeted advertising.

Despite this hesitancy, consumers are still willing to share data if they receive value-added services in exchange. Consumers also want to be able to control their personal data and its visibility online.

This willingness to share personal data in exchange for visibility and control gives publishers and marketers the opportunity to build a partnership with their consumers. In exchange for personal data, organisations have the opportunity to offer personalised services, advertising and content.

Deloitte's insights are encouraging for the future of publishing. Publishers can now acknowledge a new audience, and better understand their habits and concerns. Page Lizard's digital publishing tools consider these changes and offer the support to help you engage with your evolving audience.

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