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Four steps to speed up your app design and development process

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By Graham / August 31, 2021

Make your app design and development process and workflow simpler (and faster) – and step into your app-efficient future.

Any organisation which has an audience with whom they communicate valuable information on a regular basis needs an app.

An app is an always-switched-on website, email and messaging system all in one and it’s in your customer's pocket. 

Jettison the old-world inefficiencies of email newsletters, attachments and unread web pages and step into the modern world of real-time messages, easy-to-read content and secure communications.

Remote working saw businesses apps and users accelerate to the top of the growth charts

Remote working saw businesses apps and users accelerate to the top of the growth charts. Office tools, information and communications, education, and security were the chief drivers. Web developers report up to 30% of clients now ask for an app (source: Statista 2021).

If you decide to build a custom app with a development company, that the day you launch the app could be months (or even a year!) later! App development can be a complex task and has many processes. Also, if you engage with a development company to start from scratch, while you get your app built, your competitor may have already sold their products on their app.

As a smart business owner, you’ll know that speed and strong delivery are essential for success.

Are you looking to build a mobile app and want to launch it within a short time?

We’ve built a software platform called Reptile where you can create an app in hours. And to speed-up the design and app development process, this new platform publishes the content in a native iOS, an Android app and Web app simultaneously. There is no need to duplicate, they are all in one system.

Another unique feature of Reptile is that you can make a prototype first and then test in a real app before launchingAnother unique feature of Reptile is that you can make a prototype first and then test in a real app before launching. Design, prototype, test and launch – again all in one system, speeding up the process and development.

With Reptile, the app design and development process is simpler (and faster), the prototype is imminent and you don’t need any programming skills as the platform uses widgets (similar to WordPress). This reduces time to market manifolds.

Your new app can be created in either desktop or mobile mode and you can share it with colleagues and clients with a click. And to emphasise, no development skills are needed, promise.

In this blog we want to share how our platform speeds up the app design and development process with Reptile.

Only four steps

The app design and development process with Reptile is compressed into four steps and in each of those sections the software platform will give you several options for customisation.

Reptile also supports the integration of Firebase (an analytics platform created by Google for the development of mobile and desktop applications).

Every step is explained either through a video tutorial or you can call/email us and we’ll support you, of course. Reptile is a designer-friendly brand supported by people and not bots.

Every step is explained either through a video tutorial

Reptile community

Anyone with a paid account on Reptile can create a profile on the community board. Design agencies, freelancers and coders can display their skills and answer questions from others. App builders can hire and add them their Reptile project making the workflow even faster and simpler.

Software as a Service (SaaS) support - a risk-free long-term solution

With Reptile, native apps are published in the app owner’s store account, ensuring brand integrity.

Apps are supported and maintained by Reptile for a fixed monthly fee and are kept up-to-date and current with iOS and Android platform requirements.

App owners have peace of mind and certainty over future costs and any improvement and/or extensions can be fulfilled at any time.

Affordable apps

We have spent ten years constantly developing and refining our app-building platform. The latest version, Reptile, enables us to build an app five-times cheaper than the equivalent app built through a development agency.

What is different about us

Reptile is the most efficient way yet to speedily build a robust app

Our new modular app platform Reptile is the most efficient way yet to speedily build a robust app with and support included. Imagine the business app of your dreams and together we assemble it quickly from our existing component library.  

Automated builds ensure consistency of code with maintenance, upgrades and support included for a fixed fee. 

From our expert mobile UX designers to the technical team who can integrate the app into your network, we provide a dedicated team to support you all the way.

Case studies

We are continuously looking for ways to improve things using technology. As such, we’ve built many apps that we’re proud of, and if you are interested, here is a link to a few of our recent achievements we’d like to share with you.


We hope that this blog helps you to understand the way Reptile works and how simple it is to use yourself. If you decide to create an app, please contact us to help you to accelerate your native mobile app to bring your product to market as fast as possible.

Design beautiful apps with us – call us on (+44) 207 183 3690 or send us an email


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