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Digital Breakthrough with Media Experience Apps

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By Daisy / April 03, 2019

In a mobile-first world, publishing has been reshaped and continues to evolve.

Mobile is the platform of choice for content distribution, with its high engagement rates. So, in order to compete effectively in an industry that is mobile-focused, you’ll need to update your content distribution strategy to meet the demands of your digital audience.

Growing engagement rates means updating your strategy

The Page Lizard app is your perfect solution for digital content.

Advantages of creating an app

According to StatCounter, internet traffic on mobile devices first exceeded desktop almost two years ago. This was a huge wake up call for the business world to prioritise content for mobile devices.

Publishers were no exception.  With mobile as the leading digital platform, apps have become the main portal for communication.

Digital publishing through apps offers the following advantages:

The convenience and habitual behaviour associated with apps has changed audience behaviour, with apps representing the majority of digital media consumption now (comScore).

Another study about 'How to find your target audience on Instagram' shows that 92% of time spent on mobile is spent on mobile apps.

This consumer insight strongly suggests that a ‘mobile-first’ approach is no longer exclusive to technology-focused businesses. If you want your organisation to be on the threshold of mobile innovation, we have an easy solution. The best part? No technological experience is required yourself.

Media Experience Apps

Page Lizard offers an easy solution for your mobile content distribution – whether it be articles, magazines, blogs, newsletters or training manuals.

The new app platform offers bespoke apps within a reasonable budget, providing a platform to publish your content into IOS and Android apps.

With complete flexibility in functionality, your needs can be tailored using our ready-built framework and components.  The platform has already been tried and (successfully) tested by some of the biggest membership and publishing companies.

The platform allows for your app to be designed exactly how you want it, with all of the functions you need, at a great cost.

Maximise your content’s impact

Content is at the heart of most professional networks and membership organisations. Communications, engagement articles, best practice, technical documentation, learning and development – at Page Lizard we cover all types of content. Including video, audio and animation.

We would love the opportunity to explain how we can place you at the head of the pack, when it comes to developing your very own digital experience. Give us a call or contact us via email. 

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