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Members want content online, right?

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By Marion / May 12, 2021

Now is a good time of the year to reflect on the effectiveness of the content that you distribute as a membership organisation.

Expectations rise in terms of the relevance and timeliness of content

What we've witnessed so far is the continued evolution of how your audience wants to receive content and the digital formats that the content is digested in.

Digital transformation as a strategy should be familiar to most organisations, a struggle to match available digital resources with reaching members in a way that they want.

To keep pace with these transformations, membership organisations need to address their digital challenges at a fundamental level in order to retain members, and attract new digital-savvy ones.

The current struggle

Membership organisations play a valuable role in providing information, resources and professional services for their membership community.

With the ongoing deployment of technology, stimulation has become overwhelming and competition for attention has become fierce. Organisations risk losing members through inactivity or by being ignored in the noise of the digital chatter.

To be heard over this noise, services provided by membership organisations require effective and engaging methods of communication.

There are digital publishing tools available to help better shape the delivery of an organisation’s message. Yet, for those organisations that show hesitancy to adopt a more digital approach there is a risk that this becomes a barrier to being able to successfully engage with members.

The reason for the reluctance

The traditional approach to distributing content has historically yielded reasonable results, at a high cost. Many membership organisations still today feel comfortable in print, and are uneasy to enter the fast-evolving digital world.

Membership in the traditional senseAudiences are developing at a rapid speed, making it increasingly difficult to connect with the whole audience in the traditional way – particularly members and professionals who already live a connected life and expect any interaction to be digital.

In order for membership organisations to remain effective, they need to overcome the digital challenge, as member expectations rise in terms of the relevance and timeliness of content and also the platform that they use to access it. 

Digital tools that work

There are a number of ways to launch your digital journey as a membership organisation. The route you choose to take is dependent on your audience profile and their content needs.

As an example, Page Lizard was recently approached by the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) to provide a solution to boost engagement with a younger, mobile-focused audience. As a result, we created a bespoke mobile app to enhance communication. 

Regardless of your goals and organisational resources, Page Lizard can offer an effective digital strategy to help maximise your engagement and visibility.

In order to succeed, membership organisations need to review their digital strategies in order to keep pace with the changes in member needs.

Page Lizard offers many years experience of digital transformation and has developed the tools you need to remain relevant to how your members digest your content.


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