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Six out of the box solutions how to get a mobile app for your business

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By Marion / September 15, 2021

How to make the mobile app design and development process simpler, easier, more affordable without using any code?

In this blog, I'll compare some of the better-known mobile app-building platforms (2021) and highlight each of their USPs.

Mobile communication is the new email and web, mobile is ‘moving out’ of the pocket and is a wearable item (see also ‘Design apps without limits’). Native mobile apps are the proven way to manage customers, employers, partners and subscribers.

Affordable bespoke apps out of the boxThe demand for mobile app developers succeeds supply, the specialism is beyond in-house IT, outsourcing options are costly or unreliable and ongoing upgrade calls for a SAAS solution.

Is there a go-to solution for businesses to build their own custom mobile apps, what are the options?

There are several excellent platforms for building mobile apps without coding requirements (that means that your fear of coding isn’t an excuse any longer not to build an app as no coding knowledge or experience is required).

All you need is a small investment of time and, of course, you must be willing to learn!

Below is a, not complete, but good selection of cloud-based mobile app platforms which are all ready to use and DIY mobile app builders. All of them help with the mobile app design and development process and make it easy.

Some of them are free of charge but be aware, if you build an app you will have ads appearing in your mobile app.

Six cloud-based mobile app platforms in comparison

First, to make mobile app design and development process easier, here is a list of what do these go-to solutions have in common and will not be listed separately further below. All those DIY platforms offer:

Brief description of some app building platforms (in alphabetical order)

The AppyPie platform provides a feature where you can integrate social media feeds, websites, videos, blogs and more. They also offer a selection of app templates to suit different audiences as well as an appointment scheduler tool.

AppMachine offers also that you can design your app in your style where you can choose your desired navigation paths, test your app as you’re building it and once it’s published, you can analyse your data.

AppMakr (= bought by AppyPie in April 2020 - see above) offers also chat room and Google Maps integration, shared event calendars and in-app shopping. A big feature is that there’re no ads (which most app DIY app builders allow).

Good Barber platform offers an app along with optimised web applications (this could basically replace your current website). The app lets readers and contributors submit articles and pictures. Custom sections can be added at an additional fee.

Reptile has just launched a brand-new software platform where native iOS, Android apps and Web apps (which can replace your website) are all in one system - simultaneously. The other unique feature is that design, prototype, test and launch are also all in one system.

Multiple choices and templates for users

It also provides a selection of app templates to suit different audiences, offers a subscriber’s log-in portal (also for pre-existing user groups), offers unlimited updates which go live within 60 seconds of submitting a change (multiple platforms are updated with one click). Unlimited designs can be created using standard web HTML and CSS tools.

Reptile also supports the integration of Firebase (an analytics platform created by Google for the development of mobile and desktop applications).

This platform is an extremely designer-friendly brand supported by people (and not by bots!) and has a designer community behind it. This community provides a continuous flow of resources (plugins, icons, more templates) that makes the workflow faster and simpler.

And there are no ads running alongside your content in the mobile app.

ShoutEm offers integration with existing content sources (for example, WordPress, Facebook, etc) and multiple monetisation options for an e-commerce experience (deals, coupons etc). They also offer regular auto-updates on iOS and Android.

---No-code platform, only very basic computer knowledge is required

Reptile offers:

The app-building process is divided into four steps, each of them gives you the option for customisation - all of them making the mobile app design and development process quicker.

A risk-free long-term solution

Native mobile apps are published in the app owner’s store account, ensuring brand integrity. 

They are supported and maintained by Reptile for a fixed monthly fee. They are kept current with iOS and Android platform requirements.

App owners have peace of mind and certainty over future costs. 

Affordable bespoke apps

PageLizard, the company behind Reptile, has spent ten years constantly developing and refining this new app-building platform. This latest version enables us to build a custom app five-times cheaper than the equivalent app built through a development agency.

We have built a set of robust modules to cover everything a typical enterprise app needs. Power your business with an affordable bespoke app.

What is different about us

Our new modular app platform is the most efficient way yet to build and support apps. Imagine the business app of your dreams and we assemble it quickly from our existing component library.

Automated builds ensure consistency of code with maintenance, upgrades and support included for a fixed fee. 

From our expert mobile UX designers to the technical team who can integrate the app into your network, we provide a dedicated team to support you all the way.

Case studies

We are continuously looking for ways to improve things using technology. As such, we’ve built many apps that we’re proud of, and if you are interested, here is a link to a few of our recent achievements we’d like to share with you.

Design beautiful apps with us – call us on (+44) 207 183 3690 or send us an email

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash


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