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The Prevalent Hype Surrounding AI and its Tangible Application

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By Marion / July 06, 2023

There is a hype about AI. Why?

Over the past few years, low-code app development platforms have become a vital part of many organisations. Helping them fill the programming gap, widen their programming accessibility and access a wide range of users looking for a specific solution.

But, AI-based code generation has created hype surrounding low-code app development platforms. It is destined to further lower the barriers and potentially lead the low-code platforms to their full potential. So, how do AI and low-code platforms go together, and what are the tangible applications of this dynamic duo?

Let’s see how good the addition of generative AI is to low-code and no-code app development platforms.

AI and App Development

Innovation and creativity are the two things that app developers look for when they are exploring different ways of application development. And AI checks both of them. It has been slowly transforming the development world with incredible benefits and features.

AI is an incredibly powerful and capable system that can collect data and can analyse and learn from it. The data-centered approach makes AI-powered mobile phone apps better and more effectively fulfill human needs while making smartphone apps more intelligent, responsive, innovative, functional and user-friendly.

Beyond the Hype

Low-code application development platforms like are tempting and have shown exceptional results over time. But some weak points need to be addressed. And AI has provided us with ultimate solutions to all the possible problems that were required to be addressed.

AI and App Development go hand-in-hand

Moreover, the use cases are not limited. Artificial intelligence is constantly learning new things and presenting us with unique and innovative solutions that are not only making low-code app development platforms more valuable but also making them more functional and stable to deliver better performance.

The Impact of AI on App Design and Testing

Two of the leading app development aspects that will benefit from AI are the design and testing phases.

  1. Designing is crucial to entice the users to learn more about the app and use it for as long as it resolves their problems. With the ability to collect and analyse essential data AI can help you design apps that fit the user’s needs and style, which will consequently leverage more traffic and business to our website.
  2. Similarly, app testing is long and tiring, but AI can significantly streamline the process. It automatically creates different scenarios and tests the app under challenging conditions to make sure it can stand the toughest possible time during the operational phase.

In addition to testing and designing, the combination of AI and low-code platform can help you build robust, stable, small sized and optimised mobile applications for a wide range of audiences.

Harnessing AI on

Case Study: Harnessing AI on and AI is a solid combination that is truly revolutionising app development.

Let’s consider an example of how Generative AI can help you build better apps.

AI offers an exceptional logical translation that helps it map user intent to assemble specific components and even build new ones if required. It thoroughly understands the natural language and tries to understand its goal. And then, the AI will translate it into specific subtasks and execute them accordingly to meet the user’s needs.

From a business point of view, AI is focused on achieving its goal and delivering the best results to the users. The logical interference capabilities break the tasks into subtasks and map them to necessary tools, allowing the user to focus on their objective while leaving the implementation to AI.

AI offers better collaboration and communication between non-technical and technical teams, it bridges the gap by offering new perspectives and ideas. These are, in particular, clear communication of concepts, workflows as well as processes can easily be shared and more questions can be asked to show projects from a different angle. AI also enables continuous feedback between non-technical and technical teams allowing the refinement and also the enhancement of AI models and ensures that the app meets the desired outcome.

Also, AI can be used to ensure that business goals are achieved as it can address business needs.


After thorough testing, experimenting and understanding of both AI and the, the prevalent hype surrounding AI is real. The combination of low-code app development platforms and AI can significantly enhance the app development process while providing us with functional, useful and user-centric applications that meet every user’s unique needs. - the AI hype is real


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