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Our three best examples of good User Experience (UX) applied in iOS apps

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By Graham / April 20, 2021

User experience design is one of the most important elements that can directly affect users experience. You'll find that there are many ways to get inspiration and resources through the Internet. 

In this blog, we're showing you three good user experience design examples as well as user experience design tips covering different topics and categories such as engineering, a CPD app and an app for professional defence subscribers. We hope you'll be inspired by the following apps.

1. New Civil Engineer app

The New Civil Engineer is a nice combination of design and efficiency.

Firstly, the design stands out because this is a subject matter which could be presented in a very dull way. In fact, NCE’s designers at EMAP bring a lot of creativity to cover design (See Joining the Dots), typography and layout. There are also three different colour themes which rotate with each monthly issue.

It is efficient because although the source is a printed magazine it is presented in the app only in responsive HTML. This means the reader can read it easily on any device (no pinching and zooming a PDF) as well as enlarge text, search and instantly access back issues.  

New Civil Engineer app has over 10,000 users

2. The Royal Pharmaceutical MyCPD app

This is in many ways the epitome of a content app – content that you can do stuff with and further your career. Because annual revalidation is a hot topic in the pharmacy world the RPS publish a lot of content which can act as inspiration for pharmacists who have to meet the annual revalidation criteria.

The app is a tool that simplifies this process by letting users bookmark any article they see to save in their ‘ideas wallet’ for later. Or they can go straight from the article to open up a revalidation form into which they type their ideas. The title of the article is pasted in and then the user has a series of fields to type notes into and save.

This is a private process which means they can make rough notes on the go and refine them later – either in the app, or by logging into the RPS’s desktop version of the system which may be easier to type for a finished submission.  Overall, this app has great user experience design.

This is in many ways the epitome of a content app

3. Janes Magazines app

The Janes Defence series of four magazines for the professional defence subscribers also stands out for its use of design. In this case an unusual black app with distinctive orange branding and reversed out white text. This works as the perfect frame for the ‘edgy’ content which focusses on the machinery or warfare.

Functionally it is also a perfect fit for the audience – military and defence professionals across the world. When a weekly issue is published we see the real-time analytics lights going on across the globe. Content delivered instantly to this worldwide audience.

It is also nice to combine four titles in one app – with downloaded issues working offline in a field where internet access cannot always be guaranteed.

An unusual black app with distinctive orange branding and reversed out white text

Designing for an iOS platform might be a bit trickier as other OS, however, with good applied user experience design knowledge it can be highly rewarding.

For the best user experience design in your iOS (and Android) app contact us, let's create something amazing together. 

So, there you have it, my three best examples of good user experience design. 

Do you have an idea that needs some exploration? If so, contact us for a free two-hour session before it might be ready for the mobile app ux design process and development.


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