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Web3.0 is on the horizon

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By Anas / March 17, 2022

The world wide web is constantly changing and improving, and it is already among us with Facebook announcing their rebranding to ‘Meta’ and the addition of their virtual world ‘Metaverse’ as well as the influx and talk about crypto-currencies and NFTs.

Web 3.0 will it take over?

But has it already been implemented, and will it take over?

It is an understatement to say that we rely on web2.0, as it brings in powerful, beautiful and responsive websites and web browsers.  The intent was on social and human interaction via the web. Especially after numerous lockdowns and the pandemic we saw how much we depend on and need these technologies, for entertainment, work, food and nearly all aspects of our life are improved by the internet. 

As it stands web3.0 has not been fully implemented, and rightly so as there is no real definition or clarification on this. It took over 10 years for the transition from web1.0 to web2.0, and it is assumed to take just as long if not even longer (read more here Web1.0 & Web2.0 : The Fascinating Evolution Of The Internet).

But what is web3.0?

Depending on who you ask, it is just a buzzword used by people that are indulged in crypto-currencies, NFTs and blockchain. And a way to get back our privacy and ownership from large corporations, so disregarding the likes of Facebook, YouTube etc. but for others, it is a way to get the power back!

The web3 rush has been aided by a few things such as the rife of NFTs or non-fungible tokens, which are digital assets/collectibles (read also Can I use Reptile to build my own NFT native app?). Then of course the publicity that comes with it from influencers and celebrities that are really into the crypto-currency and NFT adoption.

What is web 3.0

How is it different from web2.0?

Experts sometimes refer to web3.0 as a semantic web (read also Semantic Web). This is because with the power of AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning we will get a much more tailored and detailed experience. Rather than searching through one thing at a time, in theory, web3.0 will enable users to find, share and join information together more easily.

It isn’t just websites that will be changed, as now we can find everything on our mobiles, mobile apps will also change and become a richer experience for us.

All in all, web3.0 is to make the internet more intelligent, faster and OPEN. With the use of technology of AI, Machine learning, blockchain, both AR and VR, as this tech is already among us it is hard not to think that this is coming very soon…

Talking about NFTs and platforms

Reptile is a brand-new no-code web development platform that allows users with no coding knowledge to build highly functional and professional mobile apps and websites simultaneously (this differentiates Reptiles from other platforms!). Of course, these include NFTs platforms, blogs, news, community sites and much more.

NFT promoter

Try no-code Reptile to make your digital art platform. Reptile has all the templates, widgets, colours and fonts to help you create your own art display in just a few minutes. And maybe you’ll be earning money from your NFTs soon!

If that's not enough and you want to create more apps, Reptile allows you to build highly functional and professional mobile apps and websites simultaneously!

For example, if you want to create a blog or a community site, have daily, weekly or monthly news, videos that you want to share with your audience, Reptile offers a simple and fast way to be a creator.

On Reptile you can build a platform to add your NFTs

A brand you can trust

We at Reptile are continuously looking for ways to improve things using technology. As such, we’ve built many apps that we’re proud of, and if you are interested, here is a link to a few of our recent achievements we’d like to share with you.


We hope that this blog helps you to understand the way Reptile works and how simple it is to use yourself. If you decide to create an app, please contact us to help you to accelerate your native mobile app to bring your product to market as fast as possible.

Design beautiful apps with us – call us on (+44) 207 183 3690 or send us an email info@reptile.app


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