AI search integration

Empower Your App with Intelligent AI Search Integration

AI Integration


No-Code AI Integration

Unlock the power of AI search effortlessly with our intuitive no-code app building software. Seamlessly integrate AI search functionality into your app without the need for complex coding.

Provide users with a ChatGPT-like search engine, enhancing their experience and boosting engagement.

User Experience

Revolutionise User Engagement

Transform user experiences with our AI-powered search integration.

Empower users to find relevant content quickly and easily within your app. With advanced algorithms, enhance discoverability and keep users engaged for longer durations.


Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions

Tailored to Your Needs

Our AI search integration adapts to your app's unique requirements. Tailor search functionality to match your users' preferences and content relevance.

Enjoy flexibility and customization options, ensuring an optimal search experience for every user.

Future-Proof Technology

Stay Ahead with AI

Future-proof your app with cutting-edge AI technology. Keep pace with evolving user expectations and industry trends.

Ensure your app remains competitive and relevant in today's fast-paced digital landscape.



Built for digital publishing

The web apps originated in digital publishing, where we began the journey 20 years ago. The objective was to create a more natural reading experience than the ‘one-hit’ stories on websites.

Web apps draw readers in and keep them engaged, like turning pages. Anything which could still be published in print is perfect for a web app.

The desktop reading experience remains vital for our members. The mobile app is great for convenience, but when it comes to serious study we find a lot of them prefer to work on a large screen.

Membership Organisation