Design and build any app

Create what you want, not what the system tells you. We have created an environment which will appeal to all designers.

Getting started

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Getting started

Create a free account to get access to all of Reptile's design features: 

- Create your app screens, logo, brand colours and fonts

- Design the home page for your app using drag-and-drop widgets

- Set-up the content pages, style and add fonts  

Branding your app

Branding your app

You are in control of the branding of your app. You will need to create the splash screen, the app icon and select all the primary colours for the app.

The key screens your app will use are home, settings, help and search. Each of these can be quickly set-up on Reptile.

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Home Page

Home Page

Designing the home page

The home page of the app is the most critical as it drives all of the functionality.

It a template, like the home page of a website. 

You build it by dragging widgets onto the home-page builder, shaping and styling them individually, and targetting them at the content or functions.


Adding content

You can add content to Reptile manually, upload structured files, or connect it to a source feed, like a website or CMS.

Reptile's CMS can also be used be designers to imitate functions they would like to see in a final app.

You can upload pictures and connect them (like Invision) to give users an illustrated walk-through of the functionality.  



A risk-free long-term solution

Every owner wants an app which is unique to them, which can be changed and upgraded as their experience evolves, but is a known cost to run. 

Every Reptile app comes with a support and maintenance package to ensure peace of mind.

Once you get the hang of it designing, prototyping and testing apps on Reptile is much quicker than using Invision.

Laura Beverley