Design and build any app

Reptile is an app design, prototype and building platform combined.

Design your app

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Design your app

Reptile does not define your app. You do.

Your in-house designers or agency can create exactly what you want. You only need HTML and CSS skills to create your app.

Drag-and-drop widgets make it quick to create all of your app screens.

Logos, colours and fonts can all match your brand exactly.

Preview your app

Preview your app

Load the completed designs onto a real app for testing using a unique PIN code.

You can also send the PIN to colleagues, clients and end-users to test.

Any changes will reflect in real-time allowing you to make revisions until everyone is happy.

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Build your app

Build your unique app

Build your unique app

Once you are ready to build Reptile's automated process will do the work for you. Your app will be built in a matter of minutes.

Test your iOS app build on TestFlight and your Android app on AppCentre. 

When testing is completed publish these builds to your own store account through Reptile, or download the APK (Android) and IPA (iOS) compiled files to upload yourself.

Support and upgrades

After-launch support

Once your apps are live Reptile will provide all the updates needed to keep them up-do-date with code changes required by the iOS and Android platforms.

You also upgrade your app with new functionality and re-publish at any time.

Every app comes with a monthly support and maintenance fee so you know exactly what it will cost to run.

Launching your app

Boosting Performance

Maximise your app's potential

With Reptile you can build Native iOS, Android apps and Web apps all in one system. And if you are a designer, creative, HTML or CSS expert you can offer your services to help others. Explore the Reptile Community to learn more.

An easy and effortless way to get clients to sign-off on an app design. And, believe me, a lot quicker design process than other system which use interlinked images that all need changing and on screen design tools that are hard to envisage as a real app.

Martin, Design Studios