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Prototype 2

Realistic testing

Reptile has been created by designers to improve the mobile design experience:

- Build the real pages your app will use from the start

- Test on a real app so you get a true experience

- The final app will use the designs you have tested - so no transfer errors

Build your pages

Work on real pages

The problem with existing design tools, like Invision and Figma, is that images have to be later translated into app screens. 

This makes it a two step process. And errors creep in when developers code screens. 

With Reptile this is one process and you work on real pages from the start.

Prototype 3

Testing your designs

Test on a real app

Test on a real app

Once you have designed your app Reptile will generate a unique PIN code.

Download the Reptile shell app from the iOS and Google store, enter the PIN to see the app you have just designed. 

This gives you a completely realistic experience. You can refine it as many times as you want until your designs are complete.

Custom features

Create custom features

All the primary screens on your app - home, login, help, search etc - can be built using Reptile's drag-and-drop widgets. 

Content can also be uploaded and styled. 

To illustrate functions which have not yet been built create a realsitic experience using either images or HTML pages. 

Add custom features

Adding features

Adding new features

Reptile's feature library has been developed around B2B corporate clients. Existing features and functionality can be customised and integrated.

New features can be added on request. 

Reptile makes the process of designing, testing and releasing an app so much easier than anything we have used before. Because the whole process is on one platform there is no chance of errors being introduced. It's so much quicker.

Ivan, web developer