Mobile to desktop and back

Looks like an app, works like a browser. Let your users switch between mobile and desktop. Or launch entirely different products for each platform.



Content is king

The web app is great if you produce a lot of content. Some users prefer to work on a desktop screen with long articles, especially if they need to make notes.

The Reptile CMS serves both the native mobile apps and the desktop version, so upload content once and it will be seen on all devices.


Design like an app, or a site

The homepage of the web app is designed independently from the mobile app. You can make the two identical, or approach the web version differently.

Native and web apps will also offer different functionality. Some features will work better on the web and others on mobile.




Quick to build

Web apps are very quick to design and build. They are perfect for campaigns and microsites as well as online magazines, journals and newsletters.

You might only have one app, but several web apps.

They can be designed to look like an integral part of your website and be published on your domain. 


Keep readers hooked

The web app is designed to create a continuous reading experience, with readers flowing from one story to the next.

Unlike a traditional website, the web app keeps readers engaged - which is why they are such great tools for digital magazines, newsletters and campaigns.



Built for digital publishing

The web apps originated in digital publishing, where we began the journey 20 years ago. The objective was to create a more natural reading experience than the ‘one-hit’ stories on websites.

Web apps draw readers in and keep them engaged, like turning pages. Anything which could still be published in print is perfect for a web app.

The desktop reading experience remains vital for our members. The mobile app is great for convenience, but when it comes to serious study we find a lot of them prefer to work on a large screen.

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