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According to an app information site, The Business of Apps, "a complex app project would require at least $120,000 investment, if not more."

It's true, good apps are difficult and expensive to make. But Reptile makes them affordable through technical efficiencies, not cutting steps or quality.

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What you need


Is an app for me?

Reptile was built on the requirements of professional bodies, membership organisations and medium to large businesses. 

We think Reptile's tool-sets are best suited to organisations which have an in-house design team or employ an agency. 

An in-house or contracted IT team will be ideal to complete the integrations to support any functionality you need.   

Getting Started

How do we begin?

Anyone can create a free account on Reptile and use the design and preview tools. Or a paid-for account to collaborate as a team.

Design your app on Reptile and use the unique PIN code to see your designs in a real app.

To add bespoke functions or integrations with your organisation get in touch with the Reptile development team and we will help you.


Help and Support

Get help

Get help with your build

Reptile's developers will be able to build and add any bespoke functions your app needs. 

If you need more general help getting started - like design - Reptile has a network of agency Partners who can help.

Let us know which skill-sets you need support with we will connect you with the best partner.

Publishing your app

Publishing your app

You will be the legal publisher of your app in the iOS and Android stores. Customers will see only your branding. 

You will need to create accounts in both stores before you can publish your app. Reptile Partners can assist with setting up store accounts.

If you already have app store accounts you can just publish it directly from Reptile, or download the IPA and APK files to upload yourself.    

Publishing your app


An app is for life

Like a dog, an app needs constant care. Your app will need updating once or twice a year as the iOS and Android platforms are constantly evolving.

All Reptile apps come with a support and maintenance package which means this is taken care of. The only extra costs you will incur will be if you decide to extend the funtionality in your app.  

Our members were constantly asking for an app, but building one seemed way beyond our budgets or experience. Then we found Reptile and within a short time had a perfect app at a very affordable cost.

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